Who wants an over saturated email box?

June 10th ~ CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

NO ONE!!! Keeping track of the leads, the clients, the follow ups, the conversations, the announcements, the campaigns can all be a LOT of work. Mastering the art of your CRM can streamline your promotions and turn your most celebrated marketing events into highly successful customer engagements. Knowing what your clients respond to values their time by eliminating unnecessary clutter of unrelatable messaging.


Check out our lineup below and register. You’re welcome to register for more than one clinic, just be sure you select the correct dates. 

Upcoming Business Clinic Topics

  • 6/10/22 – CRM
  • 7/08/22 – Bus Plans w/Projections
  • 8/12/22 – Bus Loan Pkgs
  • 9/09/22 – QuickBooks/Payroll
  • 10/14/22 – Staffing (Employee vs Contractor)

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