5 Things to Try in Your Coworking Space

What if you weren’t getting the full experience of coworking? You pay to be here, you should absolutely be taking advantage of all the listed and unspoken perks of being part of a coworking community.

Studio Kitchen at Sesh Coworking

Here are 5 things you should try in your coworking space.

Think of it as a little challenge/scavenger hunt.

Work in a spot you’ve never worked in before

A lot of people come in and sit in the same two spots most times. It’s very easy to come into a space and sit at the first table you see that no one else is at. Maybe you hop in between the table next to it for a change of scenery. But what if you were missing out on coworking amenities because you haven’t explored the space?

Most members in our space know about the phone booths and Tiny Offices– and good! Utilize those too! But very rarely do spaces like our Wellness Room get used. It’s not social, so I understand why it may not be appealing to everyone. It’s a room in our study with a lounge chair, a noise machine, and pillows. Meant to be utilized as a meditation or breast pumping room, it’s also perfect for therapy sessions, quiet time, and for those that sometimes need absolute zero stimulation.

I challenge you to try working somewhere new. A couch, a different table, the study, Tiny Offices, the Wellness Room, the kitchen, etc.

Meet a new person

The introverts are not going to like this one. But one of the major perks of coworking is the community and opportunity to meet and work with others. With our space having a niche of people, there’s bound to be someone to meet that you’ll really like! Your next great connection could be at the table right next to you.

Introduce yourself to someone you haven’t talked to before. I promise it’s not weird. As long as the person isn’t in the middle of a task, I don’t think anyone would be weirded out that someone is talking to them… in a coworking space. You may walk away with a new friend, collaborator, business partner, information, etc.

Sit at a table with someone else

Okay, so definitely a step further than just meeting someone. Something we notice in the space is that everyone goes for the empty table/area. It’s like everyone tried their hardest to avoid sitting in someone’s space. We get it, it can be weird if you don’t know the person. But this is a coworking space, so again, it wouldn’t actually be that weird.

The person you sit by doesn’t have to be a stranger. It can be a familiar face or someone you already know. We love seeing our members working together and communicating, so we think you should try sitting at a table with someone someday!

If it’s a stranger, then what a great way to cross this and the previous challenge off at the same time!

Attend an event

Ana Rojas Bastidas at our Tech Rodeo event

Events happen all the time in our space. A good number of public events are listed on our events page (updated regularly). Sometimes semi-private events happen in our conference rooms and kitchen space, too! If you’re already in the space, and a non-private event is going on, peek and see what’s going on! You’ll probably be invited in and offered food.

Events are a great way to meet people and foster connection. Events are intentionally social, and if they’re here they most likely have a networking component. We’ve had events that centered learning how to prepare a will, and movie nights, to pitch competitions and speaking panels. Check out events coming up in our space through our events page or social media updates and come to one!

Explore your member portal

Do you know about the member portal? It’s the platform that all members have access to. You can set up a profile, and explore the list of members. It’s also the place where your member perk details live! If you haven’t checked out the member portal, you’re kinda missing out.

Log in or set up your account asap and explore the forum, easy booking system, perks, printer setup guide, fellow members, and more!

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