What to Bring to Your Coworking Space

Here’s a checklist of what to bring with you when coworking

What’s in your coworking bag?

1. Your helpful tech! Chargers for your phone and laptop is the most important, but if what you’re working on today could require a ring light, extra screen, portable mouse, usb, etc. make sure you bring that with you!

2. Personal essentials. Things like hand sanitizer, lip balm, or a scrunchie for when you’re pulling an all-dayer. Whatever you need to feel your best throughout the day, toss it in your bag! Reminder that we also have showers, so feel free to bring the whole gym/overnight bag with you if that’s what you need.

3. HEADPHONES! We play music but sometimes you just need your own playlist to get in the zone. An essential if you like to plug in for your calls or utilize the noise-cancelation. 

4.¬†Business cards¬†because you never know who you’ll meet here. If you have a card or flyer, bring it with you– especially to one of our events. If you don’t end up giving it to someone, you can post it on the community board in the kitchen.

5. Notepad and pen… or a planner. Or sticky notes. 

6. On the days you don’t feel like getting something delivered or making a quick trip to grab food, bring a lunch or snacks from home! This is also a reminder to bring your emotional support water bottle.

These are some essentials that we see people need or forget in the space. And if you forget some of these things we gotchu!

We may have the charger you need at the front desk. Our bathrooms are stocked with hair ties, oil blotting sheets, spray deodorant, dry shampoo, and more. We have a supply closet full of notebooks and pens for you to borrow. We also have our member cut through to Weights & Measures next door and beverages in our kitchen (sometimes food and snacks too) if you need a quick bite.

If you need something, ask us if we have it!

Here are a few other things we’ve seen people bring to Sesh:

– An iPad to watch movies with on the side

– A portable speaker or projector for their space bookings

– Blue light glasses

– Breast pump

– Their kid (we’re child-friendly!)

– Fidget items, coloring books, puzzles, etc.

– A change of clothing

A lot of these are basic essentials that anyone would recommend when working in any coworking space. But we’re not just any coworking space, we’re a women-centered coworking space. We know that for some people a breast pump and personal care items can be just as important as a notepad or headphones.

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