How to Curate a Perfect Holiday Travel Wardrobe

By Anete Freimane

As the holiday season is now in full swing, many of us are going to see our families, friends, or going on a getaway. Oftentimes, packing and selecting the ideal travel clothing might be difficult. I want to share with you some of the best advice I’ve acquired as a personal stylist after years of working with clients and traveling.

The key to packing light is to choose a travel wardrobe that you can mix and match to create multiple looks.

  1. The weather at your destination is the most obvious factor to consider, but it is frequently overlooked or neglected. Always check the weather and pack a few extra items for unforeseen conditions, such as including a sweatshirt even though the forecast calls for warm weather.
  2. Consider the type of activities you’ll be engaging in, such as dining, hiking, or leisurely museum browsing, and choose your outfits accordingly.
  3. Build a capsule wardrobe of matching basics to help you pare down your packing list. You can learn more about the capsule wardrobe in my personal style intensive course here.
  4. Pack with a color palette in mind so you can easily mix-and-match items.
  5. For a week of travel, I also follow the ‘one, two, three, four, five, and six rule.’ It’s a simple packing formula that includes a killer dress, two pairs of shoes, three pairs of pants/skirts, four shirts, five pairs of socks, and six pairs of underwear.
Anete Freimane, Your Personal Fashion Stylist.

For those who simply don’t have time, I always recommend hiring a personal stylist to help you build a capsule wardrobe or pack for a trip. Believe me, it’s not as uncommon and will save you time and money, and is much more affordable than you might think.

Anete Freimane is a fashion stylist and style expert based in Houston, Texas. Anete’s timeless and distinctive style is credited to her artistic eye and love for visual expression.

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