Human Design Saved My Business

By Adriana Keefe

I have a story I know most entrepreneurs can relate to.

When I first became a coach, it was a constant struggle to find momentum. I always had my own coach and invested in trainings and new ideas to find my groove, but their strategies never seemed to stick. Not only did it feel forceful marketing in the way I was being taught, but it also made me feel like a failure when these strategies worked so well for others and not at all for me.

I was pretty close to letting my business go. When people tell you certain marketing or growth strategies work and you see little to no return, it’s completely defeating. It’s not that I wasn’t working “hard enough” (I’m from outside of Boston – hustle IS the culture here), so the only answer I could make sense of was that I wasn’t meant to be a business owner making a lot of money.

Let’s go back a couple years. I felt like a quitter all my life because I wasn’t someone who could stick with one thing long term. I had been conditioned to think my need for always wanting something fresh and new was wrong. But when my beautiful coach introduced me to Human Design…there was a validation like no other.

We looked up my chart (called a body graph), and I felt immediate relief. I wasn’t broken. There was nothing wrong with me. I’m not a quitter. I am quite literally designed to be someone who is multi-passionate, tries a lot of things, teaches others, then moves on from them. I’m. Not. Broken. (Words I continue to hear from my own clients now)

But all that knowledge had been put on the backburner as I didn’t see the potential it had to help me with business. I suppose I figured it was more of a fun life experiment.

Until I was close to surrender.

Well, I’m a Taurus, and relentless AF, so instead of throwing up the white flag, I remembered my Human Design chart and got to work. I knew a lot of people who lived and breathed by their Enneagram or other methods, so I figured, why not see if my design can help me!

Turned out it would help me a lot. Like, a ton.

Here are 3 basic things I learned from my Human Design chart that shifted my business right away:

1. I’m a Manifesting Generator, someone who is multi-hyphenate and multi-passionate with a need to bounce around and be constantly challenged. Having just one offer for my clients is never going to be in alignment with me. I thrive on mixing it up.

2. As a Manifesting Generator, I’m meant to simply respond to things. This helped me recognize that I no longer needed to try and force new ideas or strategies to work. In fact, when I’m feeling frustrated, that’s a sign that I am out of alignment. I wait for what direction the universe is leading me in and I respond to it. This responding has led me to the most lucrative opportunities I’ve had.

3. I’m a line 4, which means I am an “Opportunist” and have the ability to find the most amazing opportunities through my network. I had always loved networking groups but continued to put my efforts into the strategies others were teaching me. When I stopped focusing on the success ideas of others and leaned into my groups, opportunities started flowing to me rather effortlessly.

Shortly after that, everyone was asking me to teach them how I was using the knowledge of my design to grow, both personally and professionally. The more I began to teach it, the more I found my groove.

After finding the majority of people were coming to me for business advice in their design, I decided to create a program specifically for this (that’s the responding piece). Why do the same thing over and over when I can teach it more in depth on a mass scale?

Also, hi, Manifesting Generator here. Something new and different? I live for the challenge!

So what IS Human Design?

Imagine a system that is a guidebook to how you were built. Human Design is a system used to reveal your unique genetic design (like your energetic blueprint). This system is combines astrology, the Chinese iChing, the Kabbalah, quantum physics, and Chakra systems. It’s based on the energy from the sun at birth, which are called neutrinos (a subatomic particle), and shows you where and how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, so you can live as your true, most authentic self. Think of it like an operating manual for your soul.

Each one of us has an energetic system that operates differently from another. Most of us are going through the movements of life as we’re taught or conditioned to, not as we’re energetically designed to. This leads to frustration, bitterness, disempowerment, and burnout.

So what if we tap into what our unique needs are, instead of trying to mold ourselves to what the societal “norm” is?

Life is literally all about decisions. Everything you do is based on a decision. With Human Design, you’re capable of understanding how to make confident decisions that are aligned for you. You’re able to understand your behaviors and patterns and adjust accordingly, stepping into life with a power you’ve never experienced before.

My clients have been experiencing the same shift I did – businesses gaining momentum, relationships with partners vibing high, no longer stressing about how much time there is in a day. Life literally got easier. It feels like magic, but it’s not. It’s attainable for all, even you.

One of the most interesting parts of my journey is that it turned out a part of my path was to teach Human Design. Nothing was sticking before because it wasn’t meant to. I was supposed to be led here, and that’s the beauty that lies within your chart – it will show you which way to go.

You can download your chart for free on my website.

Experiment and have fun with it. Let life be easier. I know I’m never looking back.

Adriana Keefe, Human Design Coach and Motivational Speaker

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