Is Coworking Key to Better Mental Health for Remote Workers?

The option to work from home has been a miracle change for so many workers. A lot of people love the work from home option because it allows for multitasking with work and home responsibilities. It cuts out the work commute, saves money, and people feel less monitored by supervisors. Possibly most favorably, it cuts out a lot of forced work behavior like dressing up and break room small talk.

However, isolation is it’s one major flaw. Although self-proclaimed introverts celebrate the lack of conversation they have to engage in, it’s a simple fact of nature that humans are not meant to be isolated.

According to an article by Bevmax, Loneliness is one of the biggest complaints voiced by remote employees.

So what’s the middle ground? You guessed it! Coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces offer community when you want it and privacy when you don’t. You still have your work-life balance and flexible work times because you choose when you want to be here. They reduce stress, foster connection and networking, allow for casualness, come with amenities, and more!

Work-life balance

If you’re like many, then while not having to get up early to get dressed and commute is great, being at home all the time sucks. You lose focus after a few days and desperately need a change of scenery. One of coworking spaces’ biggest perks is having the best of both worlds. If you’re a coworker, then it’s usually not your actual place of employment. You don’t have to be here when you don’t want to but can pop in whenever you feel like it! You chose your own hours and schedule.

The separation between work and home is crucial. Before you know it, your bedroom doesn’t feel as relaxing as it used to (or the fact that you’re working in your bedroom makes it hard to stay energized). Your relationship with the two has a blurred line.

Connectivity and quiet time

Coworking spaces like ours understand that not everyone works the same. Some people like music and absorbing the energy of others, while others like quiet areas and no distractions. This is why we have our main open coworking area, where music is always playing and you’re right where most mingling and conversation is happening, and our study, where it is silent and away from high traffic areas.

Our Tiny Offices act as the personal private space that you’d only need for a few hours, and our wellness room is for when you need absolute solitude and silence for breaks, pumping, meditation, etc. When you’re at home, you usually don’t have the ability to quickly adjust your surrounding based on your social needs.

Good for the brain

Our coworking space is curated to get your brain working. Apart from how we’ve created different spaces that match your noise-stimulation preferences, we’ve purposely decorated our space to be inspiring and homey.

Every inch of our 20,000 sq. ft. coworking space is thoughtfully curated to make you feel safe and make your day more inspired, productive, balanced and fulfilled. Our walls are adorned with art created by local artists. We have plants everywhere because plants help us be more productive. Get cozy on a couch or set up in an office and start chipping away at that never-ending to-do list.

The change of scenery you get when you work in a different location is also good for your brain. In a survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in 2021, the majority of employees working remotely reported a decline in their mental health. Respondents cited isolation, loneliness, and difficulty getting away from work at the end of the day as drawbacks to working from home.

Our space if the perfect in-between of not being at your workplace or at home. As a women-centered coworking space with overt intentions in creating a safe space for BIPOC, LGBTQ, and other underrepresented workers and founders, it is in our mission to not only provide a productive workspace, but one where people feel good and welcome in.


Coworking spaces also come with plenty of amenities and perks!

We have free coffee, tea, and water in our kitchen space (as well as the occasional snack, breakfast and wine). Hassle-free parking, receptionist, fast wifi, and accessible entrances are all here to make your workday as worry-free as possible. We have a pop up retail shop in our space, and our workspace is located in the heart of Midtown, nestled amongst Houston’s best restaurants, gyms, and shops.

We even offer our members discounts at certain local restaurants, hotels and AirBnbs, shopping, and other services. Our website lists all perks that come with being a member in our space, all provided with the intention of making working here as convenient as possible.

Our open coworking space

Want to see if coworking is right for you? Come work with us for a day with a Day Pass, or stop by for a free tour!

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