Movies to Get You in the Spooky Mood

By Akosua Asare

Every year I make a horror movie watchlist for the month of October. I think one of the best ways to prep and celebrate for the entire season is to keep the horror movies rolling.

I’ve come up with a list for you to get into the spooky mood with. Enjoy! If you dare.

For The Fam


A horror movie for kids. Who says child-friendly Halloween movies can’t be scary? I know full grown adults who can’t watch this movie to this day? But me, I was living for this movie as a child and I live for it now. Watch here.

Monster House

One of those kids movies that is also enjoyed by adults because it’s actually funny. Watch here.


A Nightmare on Elm Street

Not many movies are more horror-classic than THE Freddy Krueger film. If you don’t have a vivid memory of watching this movie on the family computer or without adult supervision, now is the time to make one. Watch here.


Not just a classic movie but classic costumes! A Lydia Deetz Halloween costume is always a serve. I know firsthand. Watch here.

Something New


A movie that knew how to take one of women’s great fears and make it even more nauseating than you can predict. This one isn’t jump-scary. But it’s definitely sick — and a little funny. I recommend going in blind. Watch here.

The VVitch

You’ll have to turn your subtitles on for this one or else you’ll have absolutely no idea what’s being said. Set in the early colonial days of New England but colonization is so not the horror of this film. Watch here.

Something Really Scary


Oh my god. This movie is a slow burn but it’s so worth it. I didn’t sleep well after watching this for the first time. It’s not very jump-scary either, just so dreadful and anxiety inducing. Tip for making it scarier: pay attention to the dark corners of the rooms in this movie. Watch here.

The Ring

Nothing good ever comes from children being in horror, does it? An iconic horror film that everyone should see at least once. Watch here.

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