The Side Hustle

By Akosua Asare

If you’re a worker bee you either have a side hustle or you’re probably seeking one.

Having a side hustle isn’t unique anymore. In fact, I feel like I’m watching it become the standard. Everyone is doing multiple things. Whether that’s having multiple jobs, or having a job and honing in on their hobbies/crafts on the side, or are surviving off of juggling side hustles.

The sad truth is this is probably because it’s becoming significantly harder to survive off of one job. Unless your full time position is paying you enough to survive in this increasingly expensive world, you’re probably finding yourself questioning whether or not you should pick something up on the side (if you haven’t already).

The prettier truth is that this is also because people are tapping into their passions more. Sure you have a full time corporate job, but maybe you’re an artist at heart and want to make something out of your creations. Or you have a ton of opinions and freelance write on the side to get them out.

The side hustle is part of our new normal. The pandemic™️ and our culture shifting to remote working has made having side hustles easier. You can sit at home and cross off tasks from multiple jobs now!

But what are these side hustles people are getting into?

Brand Partnerships

Make that content!

The content creator girlies are tapping into the branded partnerships! The influencer culture that we live in has made this so much easier than it used to be and let’s be honest, if brands can get content made by somebody else [possibly even for free], they’re on board.

Nowadays, you can get into your content creator bag and become partners/insiders/ambassadors for brands. Brands like Topicals and Parade Underwear have programs where you can apply, get free products, and receive a special discount code to share. The more you promote your discount code (and people use it) or the more you create content that promotes your code or their products, the better your status as an insider gets– and the more free things for you!

This isn’t paid, however, but there are lots of ways you can be paid! The influencer life favors the people with more followers and people who prove that when they make content, people like it and engage with it. If you’re social media worthy enough, you can get paid for partnering with brands somehow. Whether you create content for them, promise to promote them, model for them, create events on their behalf or have them sponsor something you do. This isn’t for everyone, since not everyone has the social media presence for this or the commitment to building one. But if you’ve got it, use it!

(BTW, my Topicals and Parade discount code is ‘rossamariee’ 😉)

Freelance/Contract work

The most popular side hustle is freelancing. If you have a skill, you can capitalize on it either on the side or full time. You can be a freelance writer, strategist, copywriter, web designer, photographer, makeup artist, YOU NAME IT! Find a company or person that could use your help for a period of time or just once. Or put your writing skills to use and become an every-now-and-then journalist.

I don’t think I have to talk too much about freelance work. I see the freelance hustlers in our space daily so the word is definitely out! If you’re thinking freelance or contract work can be your hustle, think about what skills you have. What are you doing at your primary job that can be used on the side? What are you good at that you’re not doing at your primary job and want to hone?

The Full Second Job

Also self explanatory. People are really out here working multiple full time and part time positions. This is usually done out of financial necessity. Unless you’re part of the workaholic population, people aren’t doing this because they really want to. But if you’re wondering about the person you see on social media who is always working or making money, they’re probably doing this. Making money is great (we don’t have a choice but to), but having two full jobs is not.

If you work a job during the week and another after hours or on the weekend, I salute you.

The High School Gigs

Let’s take it back to the high school gigs. Babysitting is now nannying, tutoring is now substitute teaching (or still tutoring), dog walking is still dog walking but as an adult you’re trusted to house-sit and genuinely care for said dog.

If you’re looking for a side gig that’s not necessarily freelancing or requires skills you had to pick up in college, try out a job like these. Now that you’re an adult and not actually in high school, it’ll pay more and feel more like a job and not something you did so you have mall money for the weekend. There’s food delivery, elder care, Uber/Lyft driving, yard care, housekeeping, childcare (nannying, daycare, substitute teaching, babysitting, etc).

Setting Up Shop

If you make things or want to sell things, set up an Etsy shop! Your second income can come straight from your creative talents or ability to find wholesale items. Depop is also an option. Make your money back by reselling clothes from your closet. Anything you make and own can be sold. If your dreams involve having your own store or business, you can start small now.

Sell those clothes!

Setting up shop also includes providing services. Start your hair braiding, makeup artist, or eyelash-doing business now. Create the Instagram account and website for pricing right now! This is your call to action.

Some of these things require a license, so maybe get that first.

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