This Feels Good To… Akosua Asare

Akosua Asare is Sesh’s Digital Communications Specialist! She writes the weekly newsletter, and is behind our social media content. She also is the Content Strategist for GenZ Girl Gang.

This blog post is part of a series stemming from our ‘Does This Feel Good?’ post.

What do you find pleasure in?

Any night-oriented activities. I love going out, I love dancing, I love the environment that has been created in any queer, vibe-y, or underground night scene. I also love the arts. I can go to an art museum and be brought to tears. I find a lot of pleasure in watching films and doing things that I feel will make myself more cultured. Solo dates but also being with friends (even strangers). 

What does your ideal pleasurable life look like?

Accessibility. I can’t imagine I’d ever be fully happy living in a city that is car dependent. I don’t drive, but even if I started to, a city that’s 75% parking lots, wide freeways, empty space and big blocks of the empty concrete could never bring me full happiness.
My ideal pleasurable life is living somewhere where people and life is happening all around me. A life where I can just walk or public transit to what I feel like doing at the moment. I’d like to live a life where I’m more surrounded by the arts that I really care about like fashion, film, contemporary arts, etc.
I’d like to feel that I am living freely. Privileged enough to be doing things that align with passions.

What forms of media bring you comfort and why?

Teen/young adult prissy movies like ‘Party Girl’ and ‘Clueless’. I love filling up my YouTube Watch Later and just going through YouTube videos in my bed for extended periods of time. The music in my library bring me a lot of comfort. A lot of the time I’m actually listening to music for comfort more than entertainment. I like the control I can have over noise when I have headphones in.

I find a lot of comfort in being able to silence people and the world around me. So when needed, I will take social media breaks, become less reachable through text/call, or mute nearly everyone I follow on Twitter (even friends) except for certain accounts that share things I want to see.

I go to the movie theater A LOT. I have an AMC membership that let’s me see 3 “free” movies per week and I utilize it on a whim pretty often.

A pleasurable activity you wish you could make more time for:

I wish I could make more time for laziness. I’m absolutely yearning for an extended period of time where I can be holed up and consuming comfort media. The pandemic sucked but one thing I feel I took for granted at the time was the ability to just be in my room, in a safe and peaceful bubble and was allowed to not really care about certain responsibilities.

I also really wish we in general could make more time for spending quality time with friends. I saw a tweet that joked about how we don’t have sleepovers anymore and I laughed but it’s true! Everyone’s so busy I hate that I have to send a calendar invite three weeks in advance just to see people I care about.

In what ways have you centered pleasure and your own comfort in life?

Never doing things I don’t want to do. But also doing what I want to do whether I have someone to do it with or not. Never committing myself to jobs or responsibilities I don’t care about. Saying “no”. Making sure to block time for pleasure and relaxation.

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