Who Uses Coworking Spaces?

Image of our open coworking space
Our open coworking space

Coworking spaces are kind of a mystery to those who’ve never been to or used one before. People often question if coworking spaces are even necessary and “why not just go to a coffee shop for free?” We get so many passerbyers who stop and ask, “What is this? Who is this for?”

Sesh Coworking is Houston’s first women-centered coworking space, located in the heart of the city. Every inch of our 20,000 sq ft coworking space is thoughtfully curated to make you feel safe and make your day more inspired, productive, balanced and fulfilled.

There are 6 different people who use our coworking space the most

The freelancer

Freelancers most commonly use coworking spaces. Since being an independent worker doesn’t guarantee a home office or consistent place for work, freelancers often utilize coworking space. It creates a work-life balance for them, away from the distractions of home. Coworking spaces can function as a workplace enough for freelancers without it ever actually feeling like the place they have to clock in at during certain hours. PLUS, coworking spaces are full of other freelancers, business owners, and others to network with and find more work through.

The business owner

Entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs and those who don’t yet have a place for their businesses to live, also frequent coworking spaces. New founders and entrepreneurs need a space that feels productive and distraction-less so they can focus on their next steps. Our coworking space also provides offices to rent, so when they’re ready, business owners can officially move their business out of the open coworking space and tiny offices and into their very own office space!

The remote employee

Similar to freelancers, remote employees need a designated space away from at-home distractions. The work-life balance, as well as the flexibility, socialization, and freedom of a coworking space all benefit the remote worker. Our coworking space has all the amenities for it to feel like the office remote workers happily choose to be instead of the one required.

The traveler

Coworking spaces also see the occasional traveler. For those who work remotely or hybridly, and want to get their work done when out of town, day passes are available in our coworking space. We don’t just see the individual traveler. Teams and small businesses on work trips also book our conference rooms, event space, or purchase packs of day passes for their employees.

See our Day Pass options

Nonprofits and collectives

As a community-first coworking space that believes in the advocacy of women, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, we work with a lot of local non-profits and collectives. By fostering relationships with community leaders and organizations, we are proud to say that we are a coworking spaces that local non-profits turn to. We currently house some non-profit organizations in our private offices, and we are the trusted coworking and event space for other organizations like the Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Our coworking space gets to see the progressive work of cohorts, creatives, changemakers, and more!

The event thrower

As our space has a number of rentable space options such as event spaces, a spa space, studio kitchen, conference rooms, training rooms, and more, we are visited by many people looking to host events and meetings. Many of our coworking, dedicated desk, and office members rely on our spaces for their social gatherings. Our space is perfect for nearly everything ranging from private massages to fundraisers, filming and networking mixers. We are centrally located in Midtown Houston, so we’re easily accessible to most Houston ares!

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image of speaker from our Tech Rodeo event: Rodeo for the Rest of Us. The image features a group of women listening, as women are who uses our coworking space the most.
Event in our space

Who else uses our coworking space? Students, moms, networkers, event attendees, visitors, and marginalized people looking for a safe, inclusive place to work. Our mission is to provide creative women and genderqueer people with a workspace that nurtures personal and professional growth, supports their natural lifestyle and working habits and fosters community through collaboration, learning and advocacy.

We aim to provide our members with the tools they need to be their most effective, efficient and empowered versions of themselves.

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