The Morning Sesh: Aniya

We’re chatting today with Aniya of AfroVibes TV, Radio & Coffee. She is also a host and a Singer/Songwriter. Aniya is a full time student at Prairie View A & M and a mother of a 3 year old son. She has a hybrid work life.

What time do you usually wake up? Is that a time that feels natural or painfully inconvenient for you?

I usually wake up at 6 AM. That’s a natural time to wake up because I’m getting two people ready for the day. It’s extremely easy for me to wake up because of how grateful I am for the day.

Walk us through your morning! We want the full timeline; step by step.

When I wake up, I drink a full bottle of water. I stretch before I get out of bed and then pray and say affirmations. I say the things I’m grateful for and then I make up my bed. I go for a run or do light weight workout. I eat a light breakfast & drink a cup of coffee and shower & get dressed. After that, I wake my son up so he gets at least 30 minutes to warm up for the day. I believe how you start the day is extremely important. I don’t want him to feel rushed or feel any stressed energy from me. I pack him lunch while he’s waking up and then get him dressed. Sometimes we play his favorite songs but usually just get dressed and give him a light breakfast and head out by 8 am. On the way to school we talk and observe what we see outside and or listen to Smooth Jazz.


Do you make time for breakfast? Whatcha eating?

To be honest, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. If I do, It’s usually oatmeal with coconut milk and brown sugar or yogurt with berries. If I don’t workout, I don’t break my fast until about 11 AM.


What essential products/items are part of your morning routine?

All natural face wash is a must, Rose Water body wash, Zara Perfume, Tom’s toothpaste.


Share three things you must throw in your bag before leaving and why.

Airpods: I have to be able to listen to music or take important calls no matter where I am.

Water bottle: I drink about 8 a day so I have to stay hydrated.

Perfume: I love to smell great!


What’s a habit you want to remove from your morning routine?

Getting on my phone within the first hour of the day. It slows me down, enables me to stay in bed longer, and I don’t want to start my day with that.


What’s a hack that has improved your routine?

Packing my son’s lunch at night. It saves me about 15 minutes but I just need to get better at it.


Oop, that thing that puts a damper on your mornings every once in a while just happened again. What is it?

Waking up late. If I wake up late, it honestly throws everything off.


Your current favorite commute/pre-zoom song?

Anything Smooth Jazz! It puts me in the best mood. Or my son loves “What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell and he’ll make me play it until I drop him off, over and over.


What were you grateful for this morning?

I was grateful for waking up and being able to get another chance at the day. Life is a gift!


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