Adriyanna Andreus


Travel Agent & CEO

My passion for traveling started at 7 when I took my first flight alone to Orlando, Fl, to visit my grandmother. During the trip, she told me about how our family immigrated from Haiti to East Orange, NJ, and how beautiful the island she once called home was. From that conversation, I dreamt of visiting the island my family called home, and I was given that chance during my sophomore year at Howard. Like most people, I had one image of Haiti in my head, depicting it as poor and unsettled, but once I landed, I quickly realized my country didn’t need saving. Instead, it needed to showcase its beauty! Since then, I have taken the opportunity to curate personal experiences my family and friends could enjoy but also stress the impact of adding Haiti to their travel bucket list. It’s also where I got the name for my agency, Lakay, which translates to “home” in Haitian Creole and signifies the importance of making sure we all give back to home in our own unique way. Here at Lakay, I hope you feel valued and cared for. We want you to feel safe and catered for, guaranteeing your vacation is as effortless as possible. So we take the extra step to ensure all the little things are cared for.

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Lakay Experiences is a full-service travel agency focused on making travel uncomplicated and attainable so you can effortlessly explore the world. We create custom-tailored travel experiences for travelers from all walks of life. Unapologetic in our belief that you should live a life you value, we inspire you to travel on your terms. We’re just here to make it happen for you! Seriously, all you have to do is show up. We handle it all from start to finish. Our travel experience and industry relationships allow us to save you valuable time in the planning phase, personalize your travel experience and provide you peace of mind throughout the process. We are your advocates on every step of your travel journey.
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