6 Ways to Feel More Grounded Working Remotely

By Akosua Asare

Working in other places can feel so chaotic. I don’t know about anyone else but whenever I tried doing work in a coffee shop or university library I got absolutely nothing done. I couldn’t get in the zone or feel grounded enough in my surroundings in order to focus or feel inspired.

Even working at home sometimes just doesn’t inspire productivity. Home can be too equated with relaxation and not working. Making that space into a productive work space is not that easy. Here are 6 ways that help you “microdose” a work environment wherever you are.

Fix that posture!

Bad posture can make you tired, give you headaches and diminish your mental acuity. According to this Forbes article, “When your head protrudes forward or you slouch, you interfere with nerve flow to your neck and brain leading to pain, headache, loss of concentration and more. A slouched position compromises your oxygen intake, leading to fatigue and brain fog.” Who knew sitting up straight could make all the difference in how productive you are!

The headphones + Do Not Disturb combo

The noise and chatter of a coffee shop, texts, notifications from apps you don’t care about, the sound of someone’s heels clacking. If you’re like me, you’re very easily distracted by the slightest noise or phone disruption. To minimize outside noise, I carry my noise cancelling Airpods with me everywhere. And because I am perpetually on my phone, I’m trained to focus in on it every time it buzzes.

Sometimes in order to get in the zone, all it takes for me is turning on Do Not Disturb and blasting curated noise in my ear so I’m not distracted by other people’s noise.

A designated work space in your home

To the point I made previously about your home being equated to rest and relaxation and not working, that’s not a bad thing! Our homes are for rest. If you’re wondering why you feel sleepy and want to lie down when you try to do you work in your bedroom, it’s because you’re in your bedroom… the place that you’re supposed to lie down and nap.

If you work at home, the best way to make that space productive is creating a workspace within it. Every room in our home has a purpose and our body and minds are trained to react to it. That’s why when you have to pee and you make it to the bathroom suddenly you REALLY have to pee. If you have a room or corner in your home you can repurpose into an office or productive corner, do that! Curate a space for work and productivity and your brain will follow suit.

A coworking space, HELLOOO!!!

Or you can just avoid the renovation project entirely and come to a coworking space. We’re literally made so that you have a work/home balance and not make your place of rest and family time into your job location. Your brain won’t have to do the extra work of differentiating nap time with work time. Nor does it have to deal with the constant sounds of coffee-making, the tumultuousness of people in and out, or the mental work of envisioning some random location as a proper workspace.

Coworking spaces allow you to work the way you’d like to. Whether that’s plopping down on any seat, having your own desk, or being in an office or private room. The amenities are entirely for your work productivity, and the coffee is free! I’m assuming that if you’re on this blog, I don’t have to sell you too hard on coworking spaces.

Stop by, bestie. You know this is the best option.

The Parlor, open coworking at Sesh Coworking in Midtown Houston

Go stationery crazy (but neatly)

You know when you buy a new journal and you’re like, “OMG, I’m going to use this and get so much work done and my life is going to be so much more organized because of it!”? Tap into that. Buy the sticky notes, pens, notepads, journals, cute cable bites, the Etsy office knick knacks, etc. They make working feel more colorful, fun, and organized.

I think this has the same psychology as curating a designated workspace in your home. When you customize your workspace with stationary, it makes you feel more put together and productive. I don’t know why, but buying gel pens and a cute notebook just does something for a gal.

Implementing structure

To add on to my last point, utilizing structure and scheduling apps does so much. Don’t just buy a planner because it’s cute, actually use it! Build a routine that is consistent and efficient. Very Well Mind said in their article, “Implementing a structure to your day can give you a sense of control. It can also improve your focus, organization, and productivity.”

Use what works for you. I rely heavily on the built-in features on my phone. The Apple calendar that connects to my iPad and Macbook calendar, notes app, reminders app, Siri– they’re my best friends. Some people swear by Notion or Google Cal. Apps like Streak help you keep track of daily habits and to-dos. Find what you like and stick to it!

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