What is Mini Self-Care and Why Do I Need It?

Day to day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the chaos of daily responsibilities. Between managing work, family, and household chores, it’s crucial to remember to prioritize self-care. In a world where it often feels like everyone needs something from us, stealing small moments of self-care can make a significant difference. Let’s explore […]

The Weather Is Changing, and So Can You

By Nikki Carter I’m freshly home from a two-week trip to Europe. My partner and I went to Frankfurt, Florence (where we got engaged!), Venice, and then Rome.  I had an amazing time. I saw so many things I’d always wanted to see. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t so ready to come home […]

6 Ways to Feel More Grounded Working Remotely

woman lounging and working on her macbook

By Akosua Asare Working in other places can feel so chaotic. I don’t know about anyone else but whenever I tried doing work in a coffee shop or university library I got absolutely nothing done. I couldn’t get in the zone or feel grounded enough in my surroundings in order to focus or feel inspired. […]