Submissive Email Language

By Akosua Asare Patriarchy lives within the emails. I scrolled past this TikTok recently: The comments are full of women commenting their go-to submissive email lingo. Such as, “so sorry again!” “when you get the chance,” “if it’s not possible that’s fine too! No worries!” These are common “non-threatening” phrases many people use in emails, […]

This Feels Good To… Akosua Asare

Akosua Asare is Sesh’s Digital Communications Specialist! She writes the weekly newsletter, and is behind our social media content. She also is the Content Strategist for GenZ Girl Gang. This blog post is part of a series stemming from our ‘Does This Feel Good?’ post. What do you find pleasure in? Any night-oriented activities. I love going out, […]

What We Can Learn From Anna Wintour

So… I read Anna Wintour’s biography. She is exactly how you may think she is. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ gets ample accuracy points. Finding out that she is hard to please, straightforward, constantly going, and high maintenance (with an honestly very discriminatory history) was not shocking to me. As someone who keeps up with fashion […]