Cassandra K. Moody, M.S., P.E.

President + Principal Engineer + Encourager of Women

Mrs. Cassandra K. Moody is a passionate professional engineer with nearly 15 years of pipeline engineering experience encompassing Integrity Management Program (IMP) responsibilities in addition to serving in regional operations engineering capacities during her tenure with a North American pipeline operator. Mrs. Moody leads technical teams and provides Subject Matter Expertise in program management, pipeline operations, safety management systems, threat assessment, and change management principles through her Houston-based firm, Time For Change (TFC) Engineering Consulting. Being a successful female in a predominately male, technical industry, Mrs. Moody is an advocate for women and young engineers. She maintains multiple Women’s Owned business certification and provides professional coaching services. Cassandra is also a wife and momma who enjoys leading bible studies, encouraging others, reading, writing, traveling, wine, and spending time outdoors in her spare time.

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Engineering Consulting + Professional Coaching

Time For Change, LLC. // TFC Engineering Consulting + Encouragement Coaching //

Safeguarding ROI: Return On INTEGRITY Most pipeline operators battle with the ever-shrinking budget while maintaining asset integrity, meeting changing regulations, and mitigating emergent incidents on the 3 million miles of pipelines in North America. It is a frustrating and never-ending exercise further convoluted by audits, additional regulations, emergent projects, and internal company constraints. All these activities rob resources from value-adding work of transporting energy safely and profitably. That’s why I provide the nimble expertise operators need to safely optimize their integrity budgets to ensure reliability and compliance, economically. I call this safeguarding ROI: Return On INTEGRITY. Companies who work with me transform from an inefficient operation to assured integrity with improved value. Your integrity department resources can pivot from reactionary activities and redundant tasks that can be automated to value-adding engineering activities. I help energy operators safely optimize ROI: Return On INTEGRITY so they can continue to focus on revenue generating activities. For nearly fifteen years, I‘ve been there and done that. As a former pipeline operator at Hilcorp Energy Company / Harvest Pipeline Company I understand the time and effort essential to remain compliant with new regulations. I’ve demonstrated the engineering reasoning required to make and pitch risk-informed recommendations to executives. A past client reports I am “professional, very responsive, and positive/courteous to engage with.” I’ve helped operators realize a 28% return on investment on a technology implementation project, and I can help you too! Using a simple three step ADD process, I help operators safely optimize their integrity spend: 1. Assess the current operation and program. 2. Design recommendations to safeguard ROI: Return On INTEGRITY. 3. Do execute the necessary risk-informed phases to ensure favorable results are realized. Doing nothing subjects your budget to compounding inefficiencies and gives victory to the ever-shrinking budget. Fines and failures prove to be expensive situations that may be avoided by risk-informed engineering solutions. Contact me today to begin safely optimizing your ROI: Return On INTEGRITY at 832.850.4104 or send me a message. Additionally, I provide pipeline expert witness opinions, management consulting insights, and professional coaching encouragement to women with competing professional and personal priorities through my consultancy. Send me a message today to realize results.
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