Zalla Otten


founder, LMT

My purpose in life is as a healer, teacher and connector. I like to find interesting ways to live out that purpose. Since 2010, I’ve been building Houston’s best rated massage studio, starting as a licensed massage therapist working in a room in my house to building a team of 20. Lately, I’ve been researching and developing a healthy drive-thru restaurant to give busy families access to nutritious food on the go. I would love to make connections in that space. I’m also an intuitive healer and tarot practitioner.

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Work Phone: 281-974-2823

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Personal Phone: 832-438-3937

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Wellness, Spa, Personal Services

Zalla Massage

Zalla Massage is Houston’s best rated massage on Yelp and Google, and three-time winner of the Houston Chronicle’s Best of the Best award for therapeutic massage. Our team of 20 operates in a super-quirky 102 year old Montrose house with beautiful stained glass windows and vaulted ceilings. We have an amazing massage guarantee, and enjoy making a birthday or anniversary special and building long-term therapeutic relationships with our clients.
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