25+ Independent Activities For Kids During Quarantine

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The kids are out of school, you’re trying to work from home and everyone is feeling cooped up, cranky, out of sorts and exhausted. This could be a typical situation during any spring break holiday, but in this instance in particular, it’s the COVID-19 curse – self-quarantine.

Check out our gallery of ideas below for independent play for kids of elementary school age and younger. Some may require some set-up on the adult’s part, but each activity should buy you between 15 and 45 minutes (depending on your child’s age and interest level).

Most require limited supplies or supplies you already likely have around the house. Others may need to be ordered and delivered or purchased in advance – use your best judgement on whether this is possible based on information/recommendations from your local, state and federal governments.

What’s most important during this time of COVID-19?

Try to be patient with yourself and with your kiddos. We could all use a little extra grace and understanding during this unprecedented time.

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