3 Ways To Increase Productivity While Working From Home

Overcome your COVID fatigue

Do you feel like quarantine has taken a toll on your productivity? Staying at home and dealing with lack of social interaction just barely skims the surface on the mental barriers COVID has put on us. We’ve put together 3 tips that we hope can help you focus and limit distractions when working from home. We even recommend integrating these practices into your in-office workspace!   

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.  

This may seem counterintuitive, but managing and understanding how your energy affects your ability to concentrate and complete tasks is a game changer, especially when working from home. Instead of checking how much time you have, ask yourself “Do I have the energy to complete this task?”. This offers flexibility in your schedule and is considerate to how you FEEL. If the answer is no, consider turning on a playlist, or reading your favorite book. We like to look up a Girl Power Playlist to get us feeling empowered and pumped to tackle the day. This can help recharge your mind and increase your effectiveness before the next task. 

Don’t Check Your Emails. 

We’ve all heard this before BUT it is proven that checking emails first thing in the morning can increase stress, anxiety, and depression. To prevent scrolling on your phone, laptop or tablet, we recommend making your coffee or planning a 20 min walk to ease into your morning with relaxing yet rewarding tasks. These small tasks create momentum in your morning routine and make you feel more accomplished before you’ve even started working!

Move Your Body!

Moving your body has positive effects on your productivity and mental health. Staying active “can increase happiness, lower cholesterol levels, and give you a boost of energy”, says Psychiatrist Davin K. Give yourself the opportunity to tackle the day’s to-do-list by starting your day off with 30 mins of your favorite exercises – whether that be strength training, yoga, or a quick 3am run to the kitchen (been there done that!).


Written by Ronyell Wells

Edited by Brynn Heggen

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