Beat The Heat In Houston

Weathering the Weather 

No matter how many summers I spend in Houston, the temperature always surprises me when it gets up to a heavy, sweaty 90+ within days of being a beautiful, cool, breezy 70-something. Here are some tricks and tools I’ve learned and sourced that will hopefully make your summer as bright and sunny as you are. And I’ll throw in some advice to avoid as well.



  1. Drink room temp water- Absolutely drink all the water you can but drinking ice water may not be the best way to cool your whole body down. If your body thinks it’s cooler than it is and stops sweating, it may take longer for your body to really cool itself down.
  2. Dress smart- Of course, you’ll be in fashion this season with all you choose to wear. It’s the season for wearing light, breathable clothes. If you’re a rule-breaker, my advice is to wear an :. A slip, tank top, or undershirt will stop sweat stains from ruining your nice clothes and keep you looking unfazed by the sun.
  3. Skincare- Maybe it’s obvious to those who are in a routine, but being consistent with cleansing, moisturizing and applying sunscreen, your skin feels a force field repelling sweat.
  4. Avoid using your dryer and oven in the hottest hours of the day. – Your thermostat will thank you for having a cold meal in the middle of the day or putting those meal prepping muscles to use.


  1. Sponge towel/cooling towel- Soak it, wring it out, put it on heat points like the wrists or neck, and feel refreshed! Instant ice pack in your back pocket
  2. Salty snacks- jerky, granola, trail mix, and dried fruit. Yum! And you get back all the salts that have been sweat out.
  3. Dehumidifier- the water in the air is what is holding the heat even after the sun goes down. It’s what makes Houston heat special! Now, you can take a little break without hopping on a plane.
  4. The freezer- But not how you think! Put bedsheets or pillowcases in the freezer a couple hours before bed and get that cool side of the pillow feel everywhere!

Advice to Avoid:

  1. Swamp Coolers – The science of these portable A/Cs doesn’t help in the humid, wet heat of Houston. It’ll circulate the air, but make it more humid.
  2. Blast the A/C – If your A/C is working its hardest to get your home/room to 78 it will only work harder but not get any closer to getting the space to 72.
  3. Feel self-conscious- When you see folks on the go with a personal fan pointed at them, or better yet, a handsfree neck fan, don’t you wish you’d brought yours from home?

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