How to Start a Business – Not Just Build a Brand

By Maryann Lombardi Your brand is essential to building a successful small business. Your brand helps people recognize, connect with, understand, and trust your business – and trust you in the process. But unless you are a Kardashian or the Rock, your business isn’t your brand. Your business is the products or services you provide, […]

Submissive Email Language

By Akosua Asare Patriarchy lives within the emails. I scrolled past this TikTok recently: The comments are full of women commenting their go-to submissive email lingo. Such as, “so sorry again!” “when you get the chance,” “if it’s not possible that’s fine too! No worries!” These are common “non-threatening” phrases many people use in emails, […]

Navigating Networking

By Akosua Asare Networking is truly a skill you must build. If you’re like me then you’ve heard about the importance of networking all through college and then quickly learned in your big-girl job search that they were right… it’s about who you know. I’d say networking and meeting the right people (and pitching yourself […]

Let’s Talk Content Creation  📹

Woman creating content

By Akosua Asare Vertical videos, trends, editing, and new tools. Everyone is constantly talking about it. Content creation this, TikTok that, “You gotta use Reels to increase engagement!”. The digital media ball never stops rolling. We really do always have to keep making it, continue to learn how its evolving, constantly chasing the ever changing algorithm. All I […]

What We Can Learn From Anna Wintour

So… I read Anna Wintour’s biography. She is exactly how you may think she is. ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ gets ample accuracy points. Finding out that she is hard to please, straightforward, constantly going, and high maintenance (with an honestly very discriminatory history) was not shocking to me. As someone who keeps up with fashion […]