Is an Office Share right for me?

Office Share space of white bistro table, soft lounge seating and lots of art. An inspiring affordable space located at Sesh Coworking in Houston, Texas

What is an Office Share? 

When you hear the term office share, does your mind immediately go to a cubicle? An office with white walls and no character? Here at Sesh Coworking, our Office Share allows you to work in a turnkey, beautifully designed space at half (or more!) of the monthly cost of a regular office.  Thoughtfully curated, Office Shares are an affordable alternative to traditional, long-term office leases. 

Our Office Shares, located at 2808 Caroline St. in Houston, are available in single room or 2-room team layouts.


How does an Office Share at Sesh Coworking work?

It’s a very easy, three step process:

  1. Choose your office
  2. Reserve the office when you need it
  3. Get sh*t done and save $$$ 


No need to hassle with finding others to share the office with or bringing in furniture.  Sesh Coworking takes care of it all with a turnkey solution.


What’s Included in an Office Share?

Single room Office Shares include a desk, comfortable chair and monitor as well as 12 complimentary hours per month in the conference rooms and tiny offices.  

Our 2-room Team Office share includes 3 desks, 3 comfortable chairs, 3 monitors and adjacent lounge with soft velvet chairs, bistro table with seating for two, dry erase board and additional monitor.   Each Team Office Share receives 12 hours per week at a desk, 8 hours per week in the adjacent lounge and 4 hours per month in the conference rooms and tiny offices.

All Office Shares include 24/7 access to the building, mailing address and access to special events and member discounts.


How can an Office Share be used?

Office Shares are perfect for focus work away from the chaos of home, podcast recordings, confidential phone calls, brainstorming sessions, client meetings and team meetings.  They can be used any way a standard private office can be used.


Who might use an Office Share?

Sesh Coworking Office Share member working at her laptop in the turnkey office share space in houston, Texas in the Midtown district

Office Shares are ideal for:

  • Small business owners and nonprofits in business for 2+ years

  • Solopreneurs like coaches, consultants, writers, creatives and freelancers

  • Service providers that meet with clients like accountants, therapists, lawyers and financial agents

  • Restaurant owners who need a space away from staff and guests

  • Introverts 

  • Remote workers who are on the phone frequently, but need to get out of the home office

  • Those who live in the suburbs and only want to come into the city 1-3 times a week

How much does an Office Share cost?

Typically, Office Shares cost at least 40% less than the full price of the office.  At Sesh Coworking, our single room Office Share is $399/mo (regularly $769/mo for the private office), while our Team Office Share is $449/mo (regularly $2500/mo) That is a massive savings of over 80% off!

How much does an Office Share cost?

Here at Sesh Coworking, we pour intention into our spaces to ensure they are bright, inviting and unique.  Located in Houston in the Midtown neighborhood, Sesh Coworking is central and accessible to Downtown, The Heights, EaDo, Third Ward, River Oaks, the Museum District, Montrose, the Medical District, Spring Branch and the Galleria.

We understand at Sesh that in order for you to do good work, you need to feel like you belong.  A sense of belonging is critical to our community as many of our members have felt excluded in traditional workspaces.  Creatives, artists, women, communities of color, immigrants and LGBTQ+ individuals all call Sesh Coworking their second home.  

Sesh Coworking is dedicated to building an inclusive environment for all to thrive, work and grow.

What’s the best way to know if an Office Share is right for me?  

Visit your local coworking space for a tour!  Many spaces, like Sesh Coworking, offer Day Passes as a noncommittal way to test drive a space.  And keep in mind, the term lengths on Office Shares are shorter than traditional leases and more flexible to changing circumstances.  


To tour Office Share and Private Office availability at Sesh Coworking, book your tour here.  Happy officing!

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