How to Curate a Perfect Holiday Travel Wardrobe

By Anete Freimane As the holiday season is now in full swing, many of us are going to see our families, friends, or going on a getaway. Oftentimes, packing and selecting the ideal travel clothing might be difficult. I want to share with you some of the best advice I’ve acquired as a personal stylist […]

Is It Really Okay to Not Be Okay?

By Bianka Curvey We hear this phrase all the time, see it on cute Pinterest graphics, and even hear it on all the popular podcasts.  But on your bad days, when people ask, “How are you doing?” if you answered truthfully with your current life challenges, how would they respond? I will tell you from […]

Want Your Writing on the Sesh Blog?

Private Office available at Sesh Coworking in Houston

We have so many amazing writers, copywriters, and thought-leaders in our community. The Sesh blog has been run entirely by our team, but now we want to open it up to you! If you’d like to write a piece on your mission/something related to your passions, or want to gain more writing experience, submit to […]

Movies to Get You in the Spooky Mood

Every year I make a horror movie watchlist for the month of October. I think one of the best ways to prep and celebrate for the entire season is to keep the horror movies rolling. I’ve come up with a list for you to get into the spooky mood with. Enjoy! If you dare. For […]

The Side Hustle

If you’re a worker bee you either have a side hustle or you’re probably seeking one. Having a side hustle isn’t unique anymore. In fact, I feel like I’m watching it become the standard. Everyone is doing multiple things. Whether that’s having multiple jobs, or having a job and honing in on their hobbies/crafts on […]

This Feels Good To… Akosua Asare

Akosua Asare is Sesh’s Digital Communications Specialist! She writes the weekly newsletter, and is behind our social media content. She also is the Content Strategist for GenZ Girl Gang. This blog post is part of a series stemming from our ‘Does This Feel Good?’ post. What do you find pleasure in? Any night-oriented activities. I love going out, […]

Big Picture On Image Descriptions

Let’s talk Accessibility. What does it look like in your life? Maybe it is not a thought or maybe it’s something you need in your every day. Is your world accessible and do you have everything you need? If you asked me this two years ago, I would have said yes! Today it’s a hard […]

Pride Month Fundraiser

SUPPORT TMP Happy Pride! This month, we’re raising funds for The Mahogany Project, a non-profit dedicated to reducing social isolation, stigma, and acts of injustice in TQLGB+ communities of color. We’re asking you, our community, to show support to their cause! It is important to us that we are showing up for our LGBTQ+ friends […]

The Morning Sesh: Rekha Avirah

We’re chatting today with Rekha Avirah of One Medical. Rekha is a family physician who enjoys staying active by running, getting on the Peleton, and keeping up with her three boys. One Medical is a primary care outpatient practice with five new offices in the Greater Houston area and offices throughout the U.S. What time […]

The Morning Sesh: Faith Pickney

We’re chatting today with Faith Pickney, Product Care Specialist, Content Creator, and Podcaster. Faith works and creates remotely. What time do you usually wake up? Is that a time that feels natural or painfully inconvenient for you? I usually wake up around 8:00 am. It didn’t used to feel natural, but once my body adjusted […]