Does This Feel Good?

I recently read a book that has become my favorite book. I’m usually not one to read self-help or lifestyle books, but I LOVED this one; it has actually changed my life.

“Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good” by adrienne maree brown is about the importance of pleasure. Not just sexual pleasure (although it’s kind of the main point), but why doing everything in life, especially activism and liberation work, should come from a pleasurable place.

As a hedonist, I think we should all start shifting our behaviors, practices, and outlooks so that we live more pleasurable lives. We neglect fun and comfortability too much. This week, month, year, whatever, I challenge you to find ways to make your life more pleasurable. 

Check in with yourself. Does this life feel good? Do your relationships– both platonic and romantic– feel good? Does your work, environment, alone time, and even sexuality/sexual practices feel good and healthy?

The Sesh team and adrienne maree brown have rounded up some ways that help make our lives more pleasurable:

These things feel good

Rid Yourself Of Shame

It’s easier said than done, but life feels so much better when you’re living it unapologetically. I’m not all the way there yet, but the progress I’ve made has already improved my life. Rid yourself of the shame of dancing in public, your body and the way you want to present it, liking people in a way that may not be fully reciprocated, not knowing what something is/what it means, etc. Anytime you feel like stopping yourself due to shame, ask yourself, “Why should I?” – Akosua

Radical Honesty

“No omissions, no white lies, no projections. Ask the questions you really want answered, speak your truth, and let that relationship build inside all that reality. The more you practice this, the more you will find yourself spending your waking hours in the ways you want to, the ways that honor the miracle of your existence.” – brown

Some examples:

“I know I said I didn’t want to ___, but now I do.”

“I want you to verbalize the love you feel for me.”

“When you do ___, it’s hard for me to feel present with you.”

Use The Fancy Plates!

Any day can be a special occasion to buy yourself roses, eat a candlelit dinner (homecooked, take out, or thawed), and use the fancy plates! And celebrate nothing but yourself. Romanticize your life! – Dane

Zoning Out

After a long day of decision-making, running my business, home and family, I take massive pleasure in zoning out.  Complete utter mindlessness.  Society loves to shame zoning out because “they” say it’s not productive, but that is completely untrue.  My favorite way to zone out is a combo of auditory and touch.  Auditory comes from a good podcast or Audible book.  The touch comes from a hands-on activity of sorts, usually knitting or washing dishes (petting my cat or laundry also count).  Something about the combination of the two allows my mind to drift away and I totally love it.  – Meredith 

Being Up Early On A Saturday Or Sunday Morning

With a hot cup of tea/coffee, sitting on my patio listening to the world wake up. Besides going to the gym or running, it’s often the only time I am by myself without having to be somewhere else immediately. – Maggie

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