Effectively Use Your Coworking Space For Networking

Sesh Coworking, Houston's first female centered and LGBTQ POC allied workspace, located in Houston Texas

They’re Saying Coworking Is The New Networking

We believe in our coworking space also functioning as a community. As a women-centered coworking space, meeting other professional and creative women is inspiring and importing for building a network where women and femmes can rely on each other for support and collaboration.

One of the great perks of being a part of a coworking space and community is the ample opportunity for networking. We all know how important networking is; it can literally lead to life-changing employment changes. But how does one effectively use their coworking space for networking?

As you may know, we throw networking events pretty often. We believe that our events are a great way for our growing community to meet each other, strengthen existing connections, and keep in touch. Whether that be over a cocktail or during business development workshops. We also curate our open coworking space for conversation, as well as sparking discussion and connection via social media.


Here Are Some Ways You Can Use Sesh To Find Your Next Connection:

  1. Attend an event! Our cocktail hours and luncheons are the best events to meet people in our community.
  2. Approach someone in the space. You’re here often… they’re here often… why not officially introduce yourself?
  3. Utilize the Sesh team! If you’re looking for something specifically, we just might know the perfect person to connect you with.
  4. Do some social media sleuthing. Your next great connection might get reshared on the Sesh Instagram, be found in our list of LinkedIn connections, or in any of our comment sections! Let’s start really getting social on social media.
  5. Stay up to date on what’s going on. Outside of throwing events, we also share when other networking events happen and when we’re a part of big events happening in the city (like Tech Rodeo!). Keep an eye on our social media, Sesh Bites, and newsletter! if you haven’t already subscribed, what are you waiting for?!

The key to all of this working is to show up and not being afraid to break the ice. RSVP to our next event or pop in to say hello to someone new.

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