Finding Your ‘WHY’ And How To Promote Your Business More Authentically

Finding your groove and purpose is key to creating and promoting your business authentically. Narrowing down your ‘why’ is important when you’re establishing your brand voice, how you promote yourself and your business, and can overall create a sense of authenticity and trust with your clients/customers.

Co-founder and CEO of superfood wellness and beauty brand Golde, Trinity Mouzon (@trinitymouzon) created an IGTV segment called “Office Hours” where she demystifies all things entrepreneurial. She spoke about the ‘Four Why’s of Launching (and how to find yours)’, and what it means to find your purpose in starting your small business. She identified that there are mainly 4 reasons why someone might launch a brand. By identifying which 4 reasons resonate most with your business, it can make your journey much smoother and more authentic to your customer. Ask yourself “what kind of business do I want?”.

  1. Your motive is to create a means for financial gain.
  2. Your motive is to create a new lifestyle.
  3. Your motive is to find an outlet for creativity and self-fulfillment.
  4. Your motive is to create a business to pursue a social mission.
  5. Figure out which is your top motive, your #1. Figuring this out will heavily dictate and help you with your decision making down the road.
    1. If financial goals are your priority, you want to make money and generate income independently.
    2. If lifestyle changes are your priority, you might feel burnt-out of your regular job, you’re seeking balance, you want to be in charge and make decisions for yourself.
    3. If creative fulfillment is your priority, you might be creatively satisfied in your work and are looking to be able to focus and capitalize on your talents and create a business out of it.
    4. If social mission is your priority, you might have a strong drive to create change in the world and might want to use your business as a medium to create awareness, persuade change, raise money, or donate for certain causes.

If you are thinking about launching a business or already have one, think about these 4 pillars of purpose. What is your main goal, how can you do your best to push your brand in the most authentic way to be able to align with your values and goals? Looking at these 4, chances are that you were able to quickly identify which priorities you might feel more strongly about than others. Set the foundation for your business based on your answers – this will impact your revenue goals for your business, your company/brand ethos, how to sell, the message you want to create, how many hours to work per week, how much money to make. Without knowing your foundation, these answers may become hard to answer. Where does your purpose and passion lie? 

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