Myths about Coworking

Common Misconceptions About Coworking From Houston’s First Female Coworking Space


MYTH #1: Coworking Isn’t For Me Because It’s All Open Space.

While some work does require focus and intention, not every moment of your day requires a library type of situation. Working under skylights, near the open door of our patio, surrounded by living plants and incredible art isn’t like working at a desk inside a vast hanger. It’s a curated, inspirational and thought provoking work space that is meant to keep your momentum going, and energize & uplift you in those moments that work is giving you a run for your money.

MYTH #2: It’s More Expensive Than A Regular Office.

A regular office in the current Houston market may run you $800 or more per month. That doesn’t take into account taxes, insurance, utilities, services, furniture and supplies you’ll need on a regular basis. There may be room for you and one other person in that office, so when you need to meet with a client, host a meeting or brainstorm with a partner you’ll be seeking larger spaces which will ultimately cost you more money. 

MYTH #3: It’s Just For Freelancers And Startups.

The types of people that use a coworking space are as diverse as it gets. Sesh has graphic designers, engineers, chefs, authors, lawyers, PR, social media, photographers, day traders, bankers, and even brick and mortar business owners who don’t have dedicated space that provides the peace and quiet they need for planning and focus work.

MYTH #4: Clients Won’t Think You’re A ‘REAL’ Company

Hate to break it to you – but even your friends and family won’t take your business seriously if you are working from home. At the bare minimum, a coworking space provides you an excuse to say “No, I’m going to work” Outside of the ability to book meetings with clients with an actual consistent address, professional setting that is quiet, clean and respectable because it shows you take your business seriously and that it is obviously doing well enough for you to afford such a dope work space. 

MYTH #5: All Coworking/flex Spaces Are The Same

Mua ha ha ha – that’s my evil laugh, not a cutesy one. While there may be similarities amongst mostly male-run and male-attended coworking spaces, you are not going to find this to be the case at Sesh. Sesh spread the typical coworking floor plan out – getting rid of dedicated desks & monthly offices to create a community & collaborative work space. Even our approach to amenities within the space is more detailed like rentable equipment and books, free products in the self-care spa and wine in the fridge. Not to mention, we didn’t approach our community with the typical attitude “if we build it, they will come” we began as a community first and then built our space around their needs, experiences and desires.  

AND can we just mention – we opened at the height of this god-forsaken pandemic, we are thankfully a small space that can turn on a dime and implement changes almost immediately as our clients need them – there aren’t many spaces due to their size that can do that for their members. 

MYTH #6: You Can’t Have Private Or Confidential Conversations In A Coworking Space.

This is definitely the case if you take meetings at a local coffee shop, but when we built our space we were a bit more thoughtful. There’s a soundproof phone booth by Room where you can take calls with confidence that no one will hear you. We also have semi-private phone nook for the times you need to be actively seen on a webinar, but without people walking behind you. Plus we have two private offices and a lounge that can be used for one-on-one meetings, brainstorming sessions or naps – which we highly encourage 😉 

MYTH #7: It’s Too Noisy And Distracting In A Coworking Space.

Yes our space is quiet, not because we ask our members to whisper or not talk, but it’s just the culture of our space. The loft is meant to be welcoming and inspiring, so people are naturally focused and getting shit done. Now during cocktail hour is another story, another perk we highly encourage you to take advantage of 🙂 

MYTH #8: Coworking Is Just A Glorified Term For ‘Shared Office’ Space.

When I think of shared office space, I think of my college dorm experience – one roommate had an aversion to showering and the other popped Zoloft with a shot of vodka every morning. Neither situation I could do much about, except buy air fresheners and write my phone number on the other’s arm. However in coworking, your experience won’t be as smelly or terrifying. When you cowork you decide when to use the space, whether you’ll sit at a workstation or get comfy in the lounge and bonus –  you pick how and who you interact with. 

MYTH #9: I need my own office.

But do you? Write down your day-to-day work schedule and you would be surprised to see how often you actually need to close yourself into a tiny space. Of course calls and virtual presentations need quiet and concentration, but with writing, research and other computer based work you’ll find yourself more inspired and creative when surrounded by others. Plus, if you’re at Sesh the artwork and sitting under the day-light streaming in from our skylights is a major mood boost.

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