Mags, Mere & Koko ALL noticed the same thing about Britney Spears recent trend of Instagram videos. They’re…well, a bit juvenile and we’re wondering – why is that? 

We take a historical look into the overly public lives of celebrities who gained huge success and fame at a very young age and what the impacts were that fame had on them. And of course, we take a look at whether this is just a trend for female celebrities vs male celebrities or if its truly about what age they enter “the business”. Listen further as we discuss the fame of Brittany, JoJo Sewa, Lindsey Lohan, The Olsen Twins, Demi or Justin Bieber. 

Oh Yes We Can is a podcast sharing Houston people we think you should know, the things impacting our local business community, hot topics we’re discussing and first person accounts from experts on headlines impacting business. BTW – we’re so glad you’re here :-)

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