In this Outspoken episode our guest host, Akosua speaks with our guest expert, Amari, on the viral social media/TikTok discussion on choice feminism (the belief that individual choices of a woman are inherently feminist) and how beauty politics affect women and femmes of color (and with other intersecting identities), on their relationships, how they interact with clients, and skincare. Amari, our guest expert, discusses where they want to see skincare going in the future and shares tips. 

More about Amari: Amari is a queer esthetician of color based in Austin. They are with eleMINT Skin. They specialize in holistic skincare and facials.

“With a deep belief in radical healing and transformation, Amari brings a true holistic energy to our team and your facial experience. Amari prioritizes preventive, restorative skin health over reactive excessive treating. A native of Dallas, Amari brings mindfulness and intuition, combined with advanced esthetic expertise and a love for plants to transform skin health. Amari’s heart beats for the collective good and she is known for her conscious approach to life AND skin practices!”

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