How Coworking Is More Productive

How Coworking Is More Productive

Search the keyword “productivity” on Pinterest and you’ll find thousands of articles and hacks that claim to be the secret sauce of successful and productive people. The truth is, there isn’t one easy answer. Your perfect productive day is most likely very different from the woman next to you and probably includes a combination of different actions, hacks, and tasks..

Luckily for you, coworking provides a number of opportunities for a productive day! This is actually one of the main reasons women come from all across Houston to cowork with us.


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1. Accountability

Working alongside others has built-in accountability. Share what you’re working on with a fellow coworker and check in with each other about it every few hours. Sometimes just simply reporting back on the status of a task to a friend can increase your productivity three-fold.

2. Collaboration

We talk a lot of the benefits of collaboration here at Sesh Coworking because we believe in its power. Collaboration makes work more fun, which means you enjoy it more and are less likely to procrastinate. Collaboration and brainstorming also give you the opportunity to experience many paths to a solution rather than one.

3. Inspiration

Ah, we all need inspiration in our work regardless of our industry. Inspiration can come in many different forms and working alongside other women is like sitting next to an untapped well of inspo (tweet this!).

4. Your Environment Sets The Tone

It’s true. Have you ever tried to work from home when your office is cluttered or you have a pile of dirty laundry waiting or Netflix is just. right. there. It’s tough! When you’re working from home, your brain spends a lot of energy simply trying to shut out those distractions. But coworking in an environment where there isn’t a full sink of dirty dishes distracting you and where others are also working literally makes it easier for your brain to get into work mode too.

5. Get More Done In Less Time

Work-from-home mamas, this one is for you! Though working from home with children has its perks, sometimes you can get more work done in a couple of uninterrupted hours without kids than all day at home with kids. This allows you to have more quality time with your family, which is why you began working from home in the first place!

6. Networking For Fast Resources

When working, it will inevitably happen that you require a service from another business. Whether it is a question about LLC formation or the recognition that you’re ready for a social media manager, when coworking, you have a community you can turn to. If that specific service isn’t being represented in the coworking community itself, chances are good that someone will at least have a recommendation. All you have to do is ask!

7. The Opportunity For Meaningful Breaks

We all know how important small breaks can be for your productivity levels, but did you know that those breaks need to be meaningful? That means they need to be intentional and actually help you replenish brain energy. At home, you may walk to the kitchen and grab a snack out of boredom or zone out watching YouTube videos, but how meaningful is this to you, really? When you cowork, it is much easier to enjoy a meaningful break. A coffee chat, Pilates over lunch, or a walk around the block with a friend are examples of breaks that will truly rejuvenate you.  



The Sesh Coworking community is the most supportive and collaborative coworking community in Houston. Our goal is to create a space in which you not only survive but thrive both in your professional and personal lives.  

The Sesh Coworking space is being created with your peak productivity in mind. Every amenity is designed to support you through your day making life a little more balanced, a lot more productive, and loads more fulfilling. You’ve earned it.


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