The Morning Sesh: Amy Malkan

We’re chatting today with Amy Malkan, artist, muralist, and founder of Creative Females Unite. The creative talent behind our iconic Pinky Promises mural. Amy is a mother and has a hybrid work schedule.


What time do you usually wake up? Is that a time that feels natural or painfully inconvenient for you?

I usually wake up at 7am, at times it’s natural and others I just need more rest. Because I work for myself, I have a little bit of flexibility to adjust according to what my body needs thankfully.

Walk us through your morning! We want the full timeline; step by step.

I’m a single mother, so when I have my son vs when I’m by myself are a little different.

Usually we wake up by 7am, I ask my son how he rested and what kind of dreams he had. We get up and brush our teeth and get ready for the day. If we have time, and I’m in the mood for some noise, we do a dance party.

If I’m by myself, I’m sometimes guilty of checking email and my social media before I get the day started. I brush my teeth and get a workout out to start the day. Other mornings, I usually will meditate and then get ready for a workout. I do like my mornings quiet that’s for sure .

Do you make time for breakfast? Whatcha eating?

I usually start eating between 10 and 11. Typically it’s a spinach, apple and oj smoothie. If I feel like it then egg whites and avocado toast.

What essential products/items are part of your morning routine?

Water, I wake up and drink a glass or 2 of water.

Share three things you must throw in your bag before leaving and why.

I got to have my business cards, I see opportunity everywhere. Lip gloss and body oil.

What’s a habit you want to remove from your morning routine?

I want to stop looking at my phone in the morning right away. It is something I’m consciously working on.

What’s a hack that has improved your routine?

I charge my phone in my bathroom, so I’m not tempted to look at it before going to sleep, it makes me get out of bed right away, and I’m not tempted to look at it in the morning either.

Oop, that thing that puts a damper on your mornings every once in a while just happened again. What is it?

If my son wakes up with a temper tantrum it throws me off.

Your current favorite commute/pre-zoom song?

Anything Jason Derulo.

What were you grateful for this morning?

I get to do what I’m passionate about.

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