10 Ways to Save Money While Coworking

  1. Participate in all the “for members only” events – they’re usually free.
  2. Coworking discounts & perks – some spaces partner up with other local businesses. Those partnerships mean freebies and discounts for you!
  3. When you want to get to know someone better, rather than always going out for a coffee or drink, invite your new acquaintance to your coworking space for a coffee. Or if your coworking space offers beer or wine, invite them into the coworking space for a drink that is already included in the price of your membership. 
  4. Get to know your fellow coworkers. You never know who may be hiding amongst your coworking community that may be able to problem solve, collaborate or help you land a new client. 
  5. Pack a lunch
  6. Bring a water bottle
  7. Get your coffee at the space
  8. Coworking space closest to your home saves money and time on your commute. 
  9. Join a coworking space with your team, there are often corporate discounts, plus you’ll save money on communication and digital platforms. 
  10. Use your printing allowance. 

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