2020 Topics That Got Society Talking

By August police in America had killed 164 black people

The death of Houston native, George Fllyod, sparked global demonstrations and raised awareness to the alarmingly high rate of social injustice experienced by the black community.



The outrageously high number of trans folks that have been murdered in the United States.


Are you okay?

Chrissy Teigen & Meghan Markle shone a bright light on the heartbreaking experience that many women often suffer through silently.


Invisible Work

Became a key phrase due to quarantine. It’s the unacknowledged work that women perform – child care, scheduling, household management, pet care, parent care, etc.


It takes a village.

Government mandated quarantines proved corporations and society need better, more affordable answers to child care ASAP.


Virtual School

Two words that stressed every parent this year became a confirmation that our teachers need to be paid WAY more!


Fort Hood

The disappearance and death of Vanessa Guillen exposed issues of sexual harassment and assault in the military, but specifically the environment and lack of leadership at one of our nation’s largest military bases.



An under-recognized holiday that celebrates the end of slavery as announced in Galveston, Texas, but also honors the emancipation of enslaved people all across the United States.


A Simple Life.

More time at home shifted the prioritization of what we chose to do with our free time. A re-introduction to old favorites Friday night board games with the family, movie nights at home, creative outlets, learning to bake your favorite cookies and more.


Personal Journey

Globally we all have been experiencing this pandemic, but due to the differences of job requirements, family, pre-existing health issues, and so on we have all experienced the impacts of this pandemic with different feelings and ways to cope.

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