3 Hacks To Wake-Up Feeling More Cheery

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Some of us are morning people and some of us are not. Regardless of whether or not you were blessed with that early morning rosy outlook, you know that the events and mood of your morning set the tone for the rest of your day.

When you are a woman on a mission, you don’t have time to waste on grumpy mornings. Start your day with these 3 hacks and set your sights on the cheeriest of mornings.

  1. FINE-TUNING YOUR MORNING COFFEE/TEA ROUTINE.Finding what gives you energy in the morning is key. Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, finding the right drink to put the pep in your step can make your mornings far more bearable. Don’t have time to swing by a coffee shop in the morning? Making coffee or tea in the morning is therapeutic, and finding your favorite method to brew coffee or tea is even more rewarding. Whether you enjoy making your cup with a french press, coffee maker, espresso machine, tea press, or with tea bags – finding the way to make YOUR perfect cup lets you look forward to the little things.
  2. LIMIT PHONE TIME AND TURN UP YOUR FAVORITE TUNES.Starting the morning with your favorite feel-good music is almost always a guaranteed mood-booster. Instead of browsing through the depths of Twitter and Instagram feeds, begin the flow of your day with music that releases dopamine for a happier start to your morning.
  3. PRACTICE WORDS OF AFFIRMATION.A very simple but effective way to helping start your day on a positive and meaningful note is to gather words of affirmation and recite them to yourself. When you look in the mirror, say a positive mantra to begin your day in the right mindset. Repeat things like:
    • “I am loved”
    • “I am at peace”
    • “I have an abundance of energy and love”
    • “I radiate light and happiness”
    • “I will make today great”
    • “I choose to make today an amazing day”

Start small by choosing one tip above and be intentional about incorporating it into your morning. When you’re ready, add in another and so forth. Before long, you’ll be experiencing the cheeriest mornings on the block!

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