Build Something Greater Than Just A Brand

Building a strong business and brand is more than just creating a logo and a name.


So, how do you go about growing a business with a more powerful impact? Honestly, it’s different for every business and industry and depends heavily on their goals.

If you haven’t already identified your vision for your business, ask yourself – How do I want to interact with my audience? How do I want them to feel? What do I want them to get out of involvement with our brand?

Once you have these questions answered, follow our tips below take your brand to the next level.

  1. CREATE A COMMUNITY AROUND YOUR BRAND Even a soap business might not require extensive brand development compared to, for example, a coworking space (hey) – BUT, you could find ways to go above and beyond to create a community out of, say, people who really like pretty soaps (if that’s your thing). Building a community creates a sense of belonging and builds trust between the business and audience. It can be the difference between just being another soap business in the soapy sea and being someone’s go-to soap brand – mainly because they trust you and they like what you stand for.
  2. CREATE MEANINGFUL AND LASTING EXPERIENCES Taking time to create meaningful experiences can go a *very* long way. This can fall under the umbrella of customer experience, customer service, quality of product/service, etc. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer or client. What would WOW you? What would leave you with a lasting impression? How could you make your clients and customers develop trust and preference to buying your soap versus Walmart soap? Think about it!
  3. OFFER SOMETHING UNIQUE THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN Offering innovative products and services can be a great way to create a strong brand with your clientele or customer base. What is everyone doing? What are they offering? And how can I go a step further than that? When you offer unique things to your customers, it gives them motivation to trust and choose your business or brand because not only do you do it different, you do it better!
  4. TAKE TIME TO TRULY CONNECT WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS OR CLIENTS Whether you call this customer service, hospitality, or just connection – this is what leaves a great impression of your brand. Establishing meaningful connections can heavily alter the trajectory of your business and how people view your brand. Instead of slapping a logo and name on it, get to know the people who make your business possible. Mingle, talk, connect, learn, and listen. Not only does this make customers feel like they know you and your brand on a more personal level, it increases trust in what you’re building.
  5. BE GENUINE AND TRANSPARENT Coming forth as true and genuine, again, increases the trust others give you and your business. Putting forth and enforcing your true values is more powerful than trying to merely make a sale. The key to building something greater than just a brand or business is putting your true self and intentions forward. Your values will shine through your business – be authentic and transparent. Get comfortable with putting your customer first!

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