5 Awesome Back-To-School Products For The Kiddos

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You guessed it – we’ve compiled a list of the coolest, cutest back-to-school stuff that we’ve found for the kiddos as classes start. Whether your kiddos are doing in-person classes or taking online classes – we’ve curated a list of some cool stuff (stuff even we might use)!

1. Conference Speaker Phone 

My daughter is currently attending school virtually and while her school provided an iPad for us to use, the volume and microphone are awful! So we’ve upgraded part of her technology suite to include this Bluetooth speaker that has a microphone.


2. Eco-Friendly Disposable Lunch Bags

Mere’s kiddos are doing in-person school and packing lunches has become an even bigger to-do. All food items must be wrapped in disposable containers. They won’t let any type of reusable container in. Being an earth-friendly momma isn’t always easy, but she founds these an alternative to her normal reusable bags and containers. 


 3. Bluelight Blocker Glasses

Currently my little is spending 4 hours a day on her iPad. That’s about 3 hours more than we typically allow and she hasn’t even gone back to school on a full time schedule! So a week from now she’ll be in front of a screen almost 7 hours a day! So, rather than trying to apply a blue light blocker shield to the school’s iPad we opted for these glasses. I already changed the blue light output on the iPad to be warmer, but she loves the idea of wearing glasses and we can continue to use them for the tv and other times on the screen. 


4. Wash Your Hands 

Washing your hands is so important right now, and with kids it’s so hard. The constant reminder of don’t touch that, get your fingers out of your mouth, get up off the floor – boy, do I sound like my mother! LOL, I got these to make the reminder of cleaning hands a bit more bright and fun. I currently have them clipped to her book bag, lunch bag, the back of my headrests in both our car and my workbag.


5. Face Mask Clips 

How many masks have your kids lost? My little has lost 5 so far! So we got her these clips so that when she’s at Sesh and takes off her mask it just hangs around her neck and doesn’t fall into the ethereal land of the lost. It also makes the makes a little bigger and easier to find should they fall into the crevices of my car seats. 


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