Coworking Tips From A Houston Coworking Space Based On Your Astrology Sign

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You’ve been working from your kitchen table (or bed or closet or couch) for well over a year now and you know that this routine cannot remain the same.  Something must change, but what?  And how?  

The idea of working at a coworking space seems like a good option, but what specifically makes it better than WFH?  The answer is SO MUCH, but we’re going to take it even deeper today and tell you exactly how a coworking space can better your workday based on your astrology sign.


ARIES (March 21–April 19)

Aries, girl, you are on fire!  Your relentless determination and ability to jump head first into the most challenging of situations makes you a bold and pioneering leader that others look up to.  This means you are an incredible community leader who stands out amongst the crowd.  Innovating women like yourself appreciate the company of other hard-working females who are similarly blasting the status quo.  If you haven’t already started your own community (because quite frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if you had), head to your nearest coworking community for connection.  The Sesh Coworking community in Houston is the place to be when you find yourself craving the fulfillment that comes from authentically connecting with revolutionary individuals like yourself.


TAURUS (April 20–May 20)

A lover of luxury yet not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get to work, Taurus, you appreciate the finer things in life.  You enjoy being enveloped in a serene, comforting environment – luxurious textiles, soothing sounds, delicate scents.  You are not materialistic, but giving space in your life to these small but mighty moments of bliss allows your productivity and ambition to soar.  Look for a coworking space that adds a little opulence into your day.  At Sesh Coworking, the art that dresses our walls, created by local Houston artists, adds an element of chic to your surroundings.  And our Self-Care Spa, stocked with little luxuries like complimentary Tula Skincare products, sugar scrubs and ponytail ties and a full shower with changing room, is the perfect place to pause for a pampering break. 


GEMINI (May 21–June 20)

You are the boss at juggling it all – from passions and hobbies, friend groups to side hustles – Gemini, you are the social butterfly of the pack! You are witty and eloquent and building new relationships for you is a breeze, especially when it comes to networking. Even if a full coworking membership isn’t what you need right now, some coworking locations, like us at Sesh Coworking in Montrose, offer a Social Membership option. Our Social Membership is perfect for the woman who wants to stay involved in the community and build relationships, but isn’t available to work at the Loft weekly. With the Social Membership, all events are complimentary (even big events like our Fxmale Roundtable Series) and it even includes one Day Pass to use a month with a discount to purchase more.


CANCER (June 21–July 22)

Cancer, there is no chance someone has ever had to tell you, “read the room” with an eye roll, because you are literally ALWAYS reading the room.  In fact, reading the energies of others and acting accordingly is one of your (many) super powers.  Because of this, you excel at meeting the needs of others whether in meetings with coworkers, subordinates or clients.  However, working remote and handling these interactions via zoom is really dragging you down – they’re impersonal and detached.  Bring it back to in-person safely by holding your one-on-ones at a coworking space which is designed to make meetings more comfortable, enjoyable and professional.  At the Sesh Loft, you can grab your client an espresso made just how she likes it from our Nesspresso coffee brewer, cozy up by the fireplace or spread out at one of our large tables and get to business.  And did we mention that with a Sesh Loft membership, all visitors are free?  


LEO (July 23–August 22)

A true leader, the lioness of the pack – you’re one who enjoys hearing the sound of your own voice (I mean, just a little, and that’s ok because you’re great at speaking to a group!)  We know your role at work puts you in front of a crowd whether leading meetings in the corporate world or educating and/or training others in the small business world.  In order to be the leader you are, you need a space to gather your coworkers or clients that allows you to shine.  Coworking spaces have all kinds of amenities for this whether virtual or in-person.  For example, at the Sesh Loft here in Houston, we have well-designed tiny offices perfect for your next virtual meeting or event.  Ready for in-person?  The Sesh Lounge and Sesh Library are available for private rental and will seat anywhere from 4 to 20 – just the space you need to lead the pack.



You grow girl, Virgo!  Always one to improve her skill sets, you Virgo, will love the opportunities for growth in a coworking space.  At Sesh Coworking, we have a Resource Library with 50+ career and business development books, ready for the taking.  Interested in getting a grip on your digital marketing?  There’s a book for that.  Want to better your writing skills?  Yup, there’s a book for that too.  And let’s not forget what a massive resource a female-focused community like the Sesh Community can provide!

LIBRA (September 23–October 22)

The queen of balance and symmetry, you, Libra, are seeking equilibrium in all areas of your life and that couldn’t be more true than in your desire to balance your work life.  Working from your home office everyday will leave you drained and bored.  Spruce up your routine with a balanced schedule of work from home and work from the (coworking) office.  Sesh Coworking even offers a 5 Day Pass Pack so that you can hit the Loft the moment you feel off-balance. Striking a balance between WFH and work from the Sesh Loft will help you feel more satisfied with your day.

SCORPIO (October 23–November 21)

Determined, focused.  Scorpio, you know what you want and you aren’t afraid too work for it (and we freaking LOVE that).  Reserve yourself your favorite workstation at the Sesh Loft and waste not a minute more distracted at home at your kitchen table.  Coworking spaces are designed to maximize your productivity and increase your focus making you achieve your goals faster.  And at the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than scrolling over your to-do list, completely checked off.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22–December 21)

Sagittarius, you are hilarious – your wit and no bullshit bluntness keep us all on our toes.  And has anyone told you what a fantastic storyteller you are?  Take all those storytelling skills and the experiences you’ve had from your exciting wanderlust adventures and put it to use at Sesh Coworking – start a damn podcast!  Like no, really – we all love listening to you.  We’ll go ahead and reserve the Sesh Loft’s Podcast Studio for you, boo. We can’t wait to hear what stories you cook up.

CAPRICORN (December 22–January 19)

Hey, Cap!  Cap!  Cap?  Put the work down for 2 seconds, Cap!!  Ok great, now that I have your attention, I want to list these incredibly functional and practical amenities at Sesh Coworking that you need in your life.  1. A workstation that is clear of clutter  2. An ergonomic Herman Miller chair  3. A standing desk so you can stretch your legs while you continue working.  4. A phone booth so you can hop on that call without worrying about disturbing others.  5. Tiny offices you can reserve for maximum focus.  Let’s face it, you can be a bit of a workaholic, so the fact that you’re surrounded by friendly peers is the welcome break you sometimes forget you need.  Ok, that’s all in my list. Thank you for your time, Cap.  I know you want to get back to your work so dont let me hold you up.

AQUARIUS (January 20–February 18)

Kicking it to the man again, huh Aquarius?  Let’s be honest, that lame grey and beige office is sucking the life out of your soul.  The neutral colors, everyone moving about like robots, drinking burned coffee trying to avoid the watchful eye of their micromanaging boss.  Damn the man!  You need to get out of there (don’t walk, run) to pursue the social change you see in your heart.  The entire M.O. of a coworking environment is suited to your lifestyle and mission.  From the unconventional design to the physical separation from your boss to being surrounded by amazing women, many of who are pursuing their own social change in the world.  Your perfect workspace is a coworking space. Get in your car ASAP and point it towards Montrose – you’re coming to the Sesh Loft.

PISCES (February 19–March 20)

Oh sweet Pisces, you are so imaginative, sensitive, selfless and kind.  Your intuition and emotions rule your ebb and flow and you have precious creative energy bursting from your soul.  Get ready for that creative energy to grow as you step into the world of coworking.  Houston coworking spaces are notorious for creating unique, nontraditional designs that kick the pants out of the typical cubicle-laden office.  At the Sesh Loft, we’ve designed our chic space around two key inspiring features to boost that creativity – sunlight and loads of live plants.  Working in a sunlight-drenched space, with a courtyard to boot, filled with lush green plants is the boost you need to open the gates of creativity in your work. Our female-focused coworking space is waiting for you!

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